About Us

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop skills and character by providing a creative learning environment with Jesus at the center.

 Vision Statement

An education at Centerville Christian School is designed to commission students to SOAR toward excellence with Christ, resulting in CHANGED lives that IMPACT the world for good.


Our Philosophy
The aim of Seventh-day Adventist education is to develop a strong and lasting bond between each student and his or her loving Creator God.  When the students become acquainted with God in the persons of the Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, they begin a life-long journey th at transforms them physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  Adventist education embraces all of these areas.  As students grow in every dimension, they also grow closer to Jesus, and become more like Him who lived to bless others.  Adventist education challenges each student to discover a personal sense of mission--serving God by blessing others and spreading the good news of His saving grace and soon return.  This results in a life of true happiness and fulfillment, not just here on this earth, but throughout eternity.



  1.  To help each child realize that true happiness and fulfillment can only be attained through Christian living.
  2. To provide an atmosphere conductive to the child's highest level of spiritual, mental, physical, and social development.
  3. To help each child reach their highest academic level achievable.


The Centerville Christian School is operated in harmony with the guidance and direction of the Office of Education, North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.